Attack a sacred Python Cow

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Jordan  <jordanrastrick at> wrote:
>The point I was trying to make originally was that applying any mantra
>dogmatically, including Explicit is better than implicit, can lead to
>bad results. Perhaps having Practicality beats purity is enough of a
>reminder of that fact for the Python community :-)

IMO, you made a big mistake in combining your point with two other meaty
issues (whether method definitions should include self and whether !=
should use __eq__() as a fallback).  Moreover, your point is IMO not
sufficiently proven (that is, I see little evidence that Python
development follows any one point of the Zen of Python dogmatically).

You should therefore not be particularly surprised that the discussion
has gone sideways to your intentions -- especially when you start with a
flamebait Subject: line of "attacking sacred cows"!  If solid discussion
is your goal, I suggest that you wait a couple of weeks and start over
with a brand-new thread.
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