Python Written in C?

Phil Runciman philr at
Mon Jul 21 22:48:19 CEST 2008

On 20 jul, 19:50, giveitawhril2... at wrote:
> I'm just learning about Python now and it sounds interesting. But I
> just read (on the Wiki page) that mainstream Python was written in C.
> That's what I was searching for: Python was written in what other
> language?
> See, my concern was something like: OK, if Python is so hot, then,
> hopefully someone is writing it in assembly language for each MPU chip
> out there. Otherwise, if, say, they've written it in C#, then it looks
> like the REAL, generally useful language to learn is C# and Python is
> akin to Visual Basic or something: a specialty language....whereas
> REAL WORLD programmers who want to be generally useful go and learn
> C#.
> So I was suspecting the Python compiler or interpreter is written in a

".. if Python is so hot.." Python represents progress not the ultimate
goal. Thank goodness we are continuing to learn from past mistakes. 

All compilers and interpreters started out being written in another
language. You do not help us by stating the obvious. 

This is even true of the interpreter in your own brain that processes
English. IMHO The latter still has some bugs in it. ;-)

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