Unusual Exception Behaviour

Robert Rawlins robert.rawlins at thinkbluemedia.co.uk
Thu Jul 17 17:23:47 CEST 2008

Hello Chaps,


I have an unusual situation with my application which I've also seen once or
twice in the past but never found a solution too. Basically the application
stops properly reporting Exceptions when they are thrown.


My application logs extensively to a file using the python logging module,
when an exception is throw all the log data starts being thrown to the
command prompt instead of the file, however, I don't get any actual
exception information output.


I have looked through the application for any unusual or bare try/except
blocks that don't actually do anything with the except just in case any of
them are causing the issue but can't seem to see any.


This little issue makes debugging my application VERY hard, when running the
app I can see it crash, but I get no information as to where the exception
is being thrown from, as you can imagine, quite frustrating.


Even when throwing my own exceptions just for testing like so:


Raise Exception, "This is a test exception."


In certain parts of the application it doesn't print the exception to
screen, but all subsequent requests to the logger seem to print out at the
command prompt.


I would really love some suggestions on what might be causing this.





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