How to package a logging.config file?

Younger Wang Younger.Wang at
Mon Jul 14 12:11:20 EDT 2008

I had the similar question and my solution is: 

default_config = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), "log.config")

def get_logger(name, config_file=None):
    if config_file:
                            format='%(levelname)s %(module)s:%(lineno)d:

    return logging.getLogger(name)

I had to make this helper function because calling logging.getLogger
will fail in an exception without configuring logging module. I wish it
is not like that.

Younger Wang
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Subject: How to package a logging.config file?

I'm working on a package that uses the standard library logging module
along with a .cfg file.

In my code, I use
logging.config.fileConfig('/home/matt/mypackage/matt.cfg') to load in
the logging config file.

However, it seems really obvious to me that this won't work when I share
this package with others.

I can't figure out what path to use when I load my .cfg file.

Any ideas?


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