proliferation of computer languages

szr szrRE at szromanMO.comVE
Tue Jul 22 20:49:34 CEST 2008

Jürgen Exner wrote:
> Chris Rathman <Chris.Rathman at> wrote:
>> I can't say that I see any particular point to the essay.
> You must be new here. There never is any particular point to  Xah
> Lee's rantings except to cross-post borderline topics to borderline
> relevant NGs and then lay back and enjoy the ensuing slaughter.

Admittedly, I'm not all too familiar with his postings, but on a general 
note, isn't it possible that someone else might not see it the same as 
you do? I really didn't see anything really sinister about the posting 
or it's content. It may very well be someone attempting to create a 
conversation, someone who may not be generally well received a lot of 
the time I gather.

Also, if have such a distaste for his postings, you are free to ignore 
them as well. That said, I am all for alerting someone of something 
which may be a complete waste of their time, but in this case it feels 
like you are projecting your own dislike for the OP. Unless the OP 
really is deserving of such branding (in which case I'd stand 
corrected), I don't think it is reason enough to tell others not to read 
of his work just because you aren't particularly fond of it.

Perhaps citing an actual example illustrating a reason to avoid him like 
the plague would of helped :-)


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