Determining when a file has finished copying

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This seems a synchronization problem. A scenario description could clear
things up so we can help:

Program W (The workflow) copies file F to directory B
Program D (the dog) polls directory B to find is there's any new file F

In this scenario, program D does not know whether F has been fully
copied, but W does.

Create a custom lock mechanism. Program W writes a file D/F.lock to
indicate file F is not complete, it's removed when F is fully copied.
I program W crashes in mid-copy both F and F.lock are kept so program D
does not bother to process F. Recovery from the crash in W would another
issue to tackle down.

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writeson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm writing some code that monitors a directory for the appearance of
> files from a workflow. When those files appear I write a command file
> to a device that tells the device how to process the file. The
> appearance of the command file triggers the device to grab the
> original file. My problem is I don't want to write the command file to
> the device until the original file from the workflow has been copied
> completely. Since these files are large, my program has a good chance
> of scanning the directory while they are mid-copy, so I need to
> determine which files are finished being copied and which are still
> mid-copy.
> I haven't seen anything on Google talking about this, and I don't see
> an obvious way of doing this using the os.stat() method on the
> filepath. Anyone have any ideas about how I might accomplish this?
> Thanks in advance!
> Doug
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