Attack a sacred Python Cow

cokofreedom at cokofreedom at
Thu Jul 24 17:07:34 CEST 2008

> My words aren't as clear as they should be. I mean that Python lets
> *you* do something without documenting, or rather stating to use a
> better term, that your intention is the non-obvious one. I'm not
> saying that Python itself lacks documentation for its own behaviour;
> I'm saying it should force you to make your intentions clear and
> visible to someone reading your code when you want to do something non-
> obvious.

I take it you are relating to the need for less comments within the
code as the idea is the Python code itself is readable? Or are you
saying that when someone does a clever trick it should be documented
better? I'm a little confused as what you mean by no-documenting? I
always add doc-strings to modules I will be using heavily as well as a
README with them. But that isn't different from programming in other
languages and using comments.

(Do you mean something like JavaDoc?)

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