error when porting C code to Python (bitwise manipulation)

Jordan JordanNealBerg at
Thu Jul 10 06:34:55 CEST 2008

I was actually just going through an example to show what was
happening each step of the way and noticed the overflow!!! bah, stupid
tricks tricks tricks!!!

The problem is def the overflow, I notice that I start to get negative
numbers in the C version, which makes me think that the & 0xffffffff
trick won't work (because it will never evaluate to negative in
python, right?)

Seeing that the problem is the overflow and the bitwise operations
returning a negative, does anyone have any suggestions...I will look
more into C bitwise tricks in the meantime haha.

And in terms of what this is doing in a poker hand evaluator:   (an evaluator using
some nice tricks to evaluate for flushes, straights, and highcard with
LU tables then binary search for the rest)

then (does the
same thing, but uses perfect hashing instead of a binary search)

the function I am having issues with comes up in the hashing
algorithm :)

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