like py2exe, but on a mac

Python.Arno python at
Sun Jul 13 00:58:59 CEST 2008

On 13 jul 2008, at 00:39, Alexnb wrote:

> Hi All
> I am wondering what I can do to turn a python app (.py) into a mac OSX
> applicaiton (.app). Just like py2exe does.

i use these:

> But I am also wondering since in
> your applications folder on macs it usually doesn't have an actual  
> folder
> for each app. Rather an icon. so for firefox, you just see the icon.  
> Unlike
> windows where you have a folder with everything, and the actual  
> program is
> in it. where is all the application info stored? just in the .app?

apps on OSX are also folder, yet with the reserved .app extension
the OS then presents this as an app (right click on an app and choose  
'Show package content')

py2app creates all that for you

> Finally
> whether or not there is an app like py2exe for mac, is there a way  
> to skip
> the middle man and turn it straight into a .dmg with the app inside?
> --

a dmg is a disk image, similar to iso on windows
you can create an empty one with Disk Utility then drop everything in
it's NOT an installer


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