Cross Compiler for Python?

Hendrik van Rooyen mail at
Tue Jul 8 09:51:17 CEST 2008

Jorgen Grahn wrote:

>This is a special case of a more general, non-Python problem which you
>will have to address if you want to build an industrial controller.
>If your target has no C compiler[1], you have to set up a cross-compiling
>environment.  I'd be surprised if the eBox doesn't come with
>documentation covering this.

The eBox comes with a non free (both as in beer and speech) distribution,
without even a root password, and tied to the mac address in the hardware
so that it can only run on a specific box.  So we (the local distributor and us)
are trying to put together something free and useful.

I think what they are doing is of dubious legality, but instead of fighting it,
we are simply ignoring it.

If there was any documentation, I certaintly did not see it.

>If there are special procedures and requirements for cross-compiling
>Python (someone else indicated there are), I guess the Python
>installation notes must cover this in a general way.

The python readme tells you how to install on the same box - I have not
found anything that tells me how to do a cross compile, which is the
reason I started this thread...

>[1] Or even if it has one. It is much more convenient to build in your
>normal work environment where you have plenty of disk, CPU and RAM,
>a good text editor, version control, Perl ...

So far, I have sternly resisted getting involved with Perl, and I hope to die
before I have to wrap my head around it.

- Hendrik

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