Need Python Programmer (preferentially in Los Angeles)

robnhood00 robnhood007 at
Thu Jul 17 20:45:25 CEST 2008

Fair enough.
All details of the project will be disclosed so a proper bid can be
put in place.  I just need an experienced Python Programmer and I'll
put you in direct contact with the client and I won't even take a
referral fee.  I just want the project completed.
Thanks again,

On Jul 16, 6:01 am, Scott David Daniels <Scott.Dani... at Acm.Org> wrote:
> robnhood00 wrote:
> > I need apythonprogrammer that can integrate graphics into an
> > existingpythonapplication.  The application is a basic application
> > and the job should be pretty easy for an experiencedPython
> > programmer.  Los Angeles programmer is preferred but this can
> > obviously be done from anywhere.
> > Please contact me at robnhood... at is you can help me.
> > Thank you.
> I get worried when I hear people tell me that a job they don't know
> how to do "should be pretty easy," but at least it is better than
> "should only take a week."  What I'd rather hear is, "seems like it
> is a simple job."
> Beware of customers who know something will take little effort
> without being able to characterize that effort.
> --Scott David Daniels
> Scott.Dani... at Acm.Org

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