win32com.client (Howto edit Contacts in Outlook)

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Fri Jul 11 10:18:12 CEST 2008

"Tim Golden" <mail at> wrote in message 
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> Bill Davy wrote:
>> I'm not sure OL2003 can read news.  I think perhaps some later OL can 
>> (added tot he View menu, perhaps?).  So I use OL Express to read news. 
>> The OL with which I wish to communicate is:
>> Application name Outlook
>> Version 11.0
>> Build 8217
>> Product ID 70141-700-0350904-56905
>> Language English (United States)
>> Application Path C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\
>> System Language English (United Kingdom)
>> Mail Support Not Available
>> Current folder Inbox
>> Current item Not Available
> Where did you get to with this, Bill? I wasn't sure if no news
> was good news or whether you'd gone a different way, or
> were still trying things...

Hi Tim,
Well, at 5pm last Friday I posted:

I kept looking and thought I was saved when I found Receipe 10.16 in the
Python Cookbook but ....

I changed the following:

                self.oOutlookApp = Dispatch("Outlook.Application")
                #self.oOutlookApp =

Because gencache failed and I hade run makepy last week (I only get one day
a week to look at this).

Then the following failed because (as I found) olFolderContacts is not in
any of constants' dictionaries.

    ofContacts = onMAPI.GetDefaultFolder(constants.olFolderContacts)

So, sadly, I shall have to put this aside for another week and get on with
some work.  Any thoughts would be gratefully accepted.


and since then have been busy with work, and my other job, and the garden. 
Now I am back looking at this (and using WInUSB to talk to a Maxim 3421E etc 
etc but that's another story).  So any help today will be much appreciated.

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