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Kay Schluehr writes:

> On 26 Jul., 09:45, Torsten Bronger <bron... at>
> wrote:
>> Terry Reedy writes:
>>> [...]
>>> Or the proposal would have to be that 'self' is mandatory for
>>> all programmers in all languages.  I think *that* would be
>>> pernicious. People are now free to write the more compact 's.sum
>>> = s.a + s.b + s.c' if they want instead of the 'self' version.
>>> And again, not everyone writes in English.
>> Of course, "self" would have to become a reserved word.
> ??
> This is an extra requirement. Why do you want to make 'self' a
> keyword?

How could one determine which other identifier must be inserted into
the method's signature?


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