Any Game Developers here?

Python Nutter pythonnutter at
Sun Jul 20 05:33:36 CEST 2008

I used to use PyGame but the horrible delay waiting for OS X binaries
put me off.

I now use Pyglet extensively, and combine Pyglet + Rabbyt to get
amazing sprite handling speeds.

Pyglet/Rabbyt make use of OpenGL which comes installed on all the
major systems out there.

PyGame requires the installation of the SDL library to work so is a
lot larger installation requirement.

There are two books I know of currently in print on game programming,
both use PyGame as it was out first. One book is horrible and only
worth for cleaning yourself up after you use the bathroom. The second
is really well written (The L express game programming book) and
highly recommended if you need to get some basic game design and
programming under your belt in Python.

That said its stupidly easy to port examples to work on Pyglet/Rabbyt
so you won't do yourself a dis-service if you want to buy the book but
want to develop later in Pyglet/Rabbyt.


P.S. Since you've likely found Pyglet and PyGame already, the only
other reference URL you need is for Rabbyt so go here for that:

2008/7/19 Michael Lubker < at>:
> Any people that use Python as the predominant language for their game
> development here?
> ~Michael
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