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Tue Jul 15 15:38:42 CEST 2008

Troeger, Thomas (ext) wrote:
> Thanks for your answer. The plattform is x86, so basically it's a PC
> with a compact flash drive. The problem is that the compact flash is
> rather limited in speed and size (there is other stuff on it too).
Oh ok. Well just keep in mind that 4GB of flash memory can be bought in 
China for about 5 euros.

Since programming time is pretty expensive you need to do your sums 
about where you want to spend the time/money.
>>> Or is there a method to have gzipped modules that are unzipped on
> the 
>>> fly into memory when they're accessed? That would be even better.
>> Yes - also possible.
> That sounds promising, is there a link you can give? Or do I have to
> modify the module loading code for this, i.e. the interpreter?
> I think
> that wouldn't be too much of a problem if I understand where Python
> loads modules; I haven't checked the Python source yet for that one, and
> searching for Python and zip or similar always yields tons of links that
> use the Python zip or tar module :)
Python modules are byte compiled. You can usually cut out a lot/some of 
space by removing the source (.py) and leaving the compile (.pyc) modules.

There is usually a lib or a sitelib directory. You could try cleaning 
that out of unwanted modules.

My advice would be to simply buy higher capacity flash memory....


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