py2exe issues with pictures and icons

Larry Bates larry.bates at`
Thu Jul 17 04:27:50 CEST 2008

Alexnb wrote:
> Hello
> I am sure most of you are familiar with py2exe. I am having a bit of a
> problem. See the program has a few pictures involved and the .ico it uses
> for the windows. However, the pictures are stored in the same directory as
> the source, something like: C:\Docs and settings\me\My docs\python\program.
> When I run the program for the interpreter, just as a .py, everything works
> just as it should. However, when I compile the main source as an .exe, and
> say let a friend try the program. It fails because it is missing the .ico.
> The catch, is I don't want to have it have to installed, at least at this
> point, I want it to be able to just run. So how can I make it just run from
> any computer with the files not being in the immediate directory. If that is
> not possible, how can I put them in the immediate directory and still make
> it work. Because that directory may change a lot so the path will change. 
> Just a few questions. I hope someone out there can help me out!

Windows can't read minds.  The icon's/pictures have to either be in the same 
directory as the .exe or the .exe has to have a way to find them in another 
folder (e.g. via .ini config file).

Takw a few minutes and go to:

It is a free Windows installer that I use to take py2exe, icons, pictures,
.ini files, documentation, etc and wrap it all up into a nice, neat package that 
can be distributed as a single .exe.  It will take a couple of hours, but it 
will be hours well spent (especially if you think you will do this more than once).


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