Python Written in C?

Marcus.CM marcus at
Mon Jul 21 18:14:42 CEST 2008

Hi everyone,

Yes, python is written in C. Maybe the original poster is looking for 
"ultimate" language and thus finds it uncomfortable that python should 
be written in C and not python itself.
Actually it doesnt matter if IronPython is written in C# and Python in 
C. Each programming language is like a tool to the programmer and no, C 
is not outdate, its just a language with a much higher learning curve
and its best left to do stuffs requiring drivers or optimized algorithms 
and other embedded stuffs that is usable by other languages. What do you 
think C# is written in? C# ?
You see how flawed this logic is.
Anyway, good luck on your search. But why look for "ultimate" language, 
when the core difference is the "programmmer" him/herself. In the hands 
of an skilled programmer, any language could accomplish much and then 
there is an issue with "time". I would cringe to do in C what i do in 
python nowadays, and i have like 14 years of C/C++ programming 
background. Someone wrote bittorrent in python and today its Utorrent 
written in C/C++ that is "cool", you see that doesnt mean that the next 
guy wrote write it in python would not beat the cool factor, its a 
matter of design, look, feel and ....its all about the programmer.

Like they say in racing, its the driver not the car.

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