Porting python to C++

David York davideyork at gmail.com
Sat Jul 26 02:34:09 CEST 2008

Hello, I'm a longtime lurker of python-list, python-C++ and a couple of

I have a commercial project being prototyped in Python, brought to a very
fine level of completion and which needs to be ported to C++.  I would like
to outsource this project - does anybody have any experience with Python ->
C++ porting that could give advice?  Does anybody have any experience with
outsourcing such projects?

Any experience (or being redirected to a more appropriate forum) would be
greatly appreciated.

I'm currently thinking about breaking the program down into pieces inside
unit tests then taking care of them via rentacoder.com but having no
experience I don't know if this idea is good or not.

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