Amazon: "Practical Django Projects" by James Bennett (June 2008)

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Bruno Desthuilliers writes:

> Torsten Bronger a écrit :
>> bruno.desthuilliers at writes:
>>> On 16 juil, 10:35, Stefan Scholl <ste... at> wrote:
>>>> Dave U. Random <anonym... at> wrote:
>>>> June 2008 is a bit too early. Django isn't ready.
>>> Oh, really ? Too bad. But, wait... If Django isn't ready, what's
>>> that framework I've been using for almost three years now, then
>>> ???
>> Before writing sarcastic comments, reading the thread would be
>> really polite.
> You may not have notice, but applied to a piece of software,
> "ready" is usually understood as "ready for production use". Which
> Django is, and has been for years now.

Yes, so Stefan used the wrong English word.  The rest of the thread
had already revealed it when you made your statement.


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