proliferation of computer languages

Chris Rathman Chris.Rathman at
Tue Jul 22 07:43:24 CEST 2008

I can't say that I see any particular point to the essay.  But I did
want to point out that Oz should not be considered part of the ML
family.  Aside from not being statically typed - a very central tenet
to ML, Oz is much more part of the Logic family of languages (Mercury,
Prolog, etc...).

On Jul 18, 12:17 pm, "xah... at" <xah... at> wrote:
> Today, i took sometime to list some major or talked-about langs that
> arose in recent years.
> ML Family:
>     * Oz¨J. Concurrent. Multiparadigm.
>     * Alice¨J. Concurrent, ML derivative. Saarland University, Germany.
>     * OCaml¨J
>     * F#¨J. Microsoft's functional lang.

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