Need help in writing up a Python Syntax checker

Kinokunya kinokunya at
Mon Jul 14 08:22:20 CEST 2008

Hi guys,

My group and I will be working on our final year project, the scope to
do a program/web-based application similar areas of functionalities
like the PyLint and PyChecker; a Python syntax checker. We have no
Python background, equipped only with some knowledge of Java and Dot

We did some research on PyLint and found out that there are 2 common
modules that PyLint & PyChecker are using, namely logilab-astng and
logilab-common. I'm not really sure what these 2 modules are for.

Quoted from the offical site,

    The aim of this module (logilab-astng) is to provide a common base
representation of python source code

We're not really sure what they meant by common base representation of
source codes. Does that mean logilab-astng is somewhat like a
repository/library of Python syntax API so that we can easily 'call'
these module to aid in syntax checking? My group and I were
considering of using Java as a basis for this project, but if these 2
modules were really the repositories for Python syntax codes then we
are restricted to using Python to make full use of the above mentioned

Our current stand was to use Jython as it is able to support Java as
well as the .PY files inside logilab-astng and logilab-common, but
having no knowledge in Python, we're unable to make out whatever was
in the 2 above modules, was was unable to find user support forums/
communities for Logilab related stuff.

You insights are greatly appreciated.

Windows platform (XP & vista)
Python (If need be, we will install the latest official version of it)
Jython 2.2.1 (Latest version)
Server: Apache Tomcat 2.2 (Should we require one for the project)

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