Attack a sacred Python Cow

Sebastian "lunar" Wiesner basti.wiesner at
Thu Jul 24 15:11:49 CEST 2008

Jordan <jordanrastrick at>:

>> Fortunately, Python isn't designed according to your ideas, and won't
>> change, so consider your posting a waste of time.  If feeling like
>> bringing such old "issues" up again next time, spend your time learning
>> another programming language, as you would obviously not get happy with
>> Python anyway ...
> OK, if that's your response, that's sad. Of course, I try to learn new
> languages all the time. Python is still IMO the best. If the attitude
> in the community in response to feedback/criticism has gone from
> "maybe you've got a point" to "your a lunatic, we'll never change",
> well, only Python will suffer in the long term.

I don't really mind, what you think about my response.  Python will suffer
from it as little as it will suffer from your complaints:  These things
will not change, whatever any of us says about them.  So this discussion
unlikely to produce any new insight, especially because this as been
discussed over and over again in the past, without any effect on Python.  

Let's just drop this, and if you want to complain next time, just complain
about something, that is really worth being complained about, like for
instance old and outdated modules in the standard library, or real
showstoppers in Python (e.g. the GIL).

Freedom is always the freedom of dissenters.
                                      (Rosa Luxemburg)

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