how can i save my command prompt screen?

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Wed Jul 16 19:28:46 CEST 2008

Ty hensons wrote:
 > how can i save my command prompt screen?


That by itself leaves lots of questions.  Taken literally to be the 
"box" then:

In Microsoft use the "Print Screen" followed by mspaint and Edit/paste
   (Or SHIFT-PrintScreen if whole screen showed up, I forget which it is.
     One does just the box that is hot while the other gets all)

In Unix use  xwd.   See  man xwd and xwud. Also  man convert

with box open and text you want for show'n'tell visible
(click in box of choice)

to view results:
(click picture to make it go away)

To turn .xwd into jpeg:
convert screen_1.xwd JPEG:screen_1.jpg

With Python running something in one box and a simple script in another 
you can create lots of pics for the documentation. If you invert the 
colors the pics will have black letters on a white background and save 
tons of ink.

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