The Importance of Terminology's Quality

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>> ... the "thunks" were necessary at the machine-language level to
>> /implement/ ALGOL 60, but they could not be expressed /in/ ALGOL.
> Ah, thanks for the clarification. Is that info in the appropriate
> WikiPedia page? If not, maybe you would edit it in?

It is explained s.v. "thunk", which is referenced from "ALGOL 60". The 
ALGOL "pass-by-name" argument/parameter matching was perhaps the most 
extreme example ever of a language feature that was "elegant" but 
insane. What it meant, in effect, was that, unless otherwise marked, 
every argument was passed as two closures, one that returned a fresh 
evaluation of the expression given as the argument, which was called 
every time the parameter was read, and one that set the argument to a 
new value, which was called every time the parameter was set.

See <URL:>.

ALGOL 60 could not create generalized user-written closures, but could 
create one no more complex than a single expression with no arguments of 
its own simply by passing the expression as an argument. But it was not 
thought of as a closure; that was just how ALGOL 60 did arguments.
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