Cross Compiler for Python

Hendrik van Rooyen mail at
Mon Jul 7 15:39:02 CEST 2008

Dan Upton wrote:

>If you don't have a 32 bit system to build it on, you could always set
>up a VMWare machine... but that might be more effort than necessary.
>You can probably just run configure on your normal machine and then
>edit the makefile to add -m32 to the compiler or linker flags--that
>will force gcc to generate 32-bit code.  You'd have to copy the files
>over and get the paths right yourself though.  Alternately, if you can
>mount the eBox somewhere in Linux, you should be able to do configure
>--prefix=/path/to/eBox/mount and then make install will work for you
>(I haven't tried this before, but that's how I'd go about it.)

Thanks Dan - the VM is not really an option for me - my Suse XEN stuff does
not actually work - I have never managed to figure out why not...

The other idea - mounting the ebox is a good one - I will try it and report back

- At the worst, I can manage to destroy my current installation.... *grin*

- Hendrik

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