SQLite and Python 2.4

Steffen Mutter steffen at webanimations.de
Fri Jul 4 23:17:52 CEST 2008

Hi Joe!

Am Tue, 01 Jul 2008 17:51:35 -0700 schrieb Joe Goldthwaite:

> I'm confused.  (Not a new experience).

Everyone looking for help in the usenet asking for help is sharing your 

>  I've got a web application
> running under Zope.  I use the Wing IDE for testing and debugging.

Okay, you use the best development tool I've spotted so far...

>  When
> trying to recreate problems that come up on the web, I wrote some little
> routines that pull my cookies out of the Firefox cookies.txt file into
> my code. That way, I'm working with all the same options under Wing that
> my app uses when running under Zope.
> That's worked great until I upgraded to Firefox 3. Firefox 3 moved their
> cookies from cookies.txt to cookies.sqlite.

Which is quite handssome :-)

>  I haven't worked with
> SQLite at all so I started searching for examples and found this;
> import sqlite3 <<-- This works only if you're using Python >=2.5.x

> 1. How do you get sqlite3 for Python 2.4?  I can't find it anywhere.

Never ever. Use http://www.pysqlite.org instead.

> 2. If sqlite3 is only for Python 2.5, does sqlite2 work the same way?

Think so. Never spotted problems.

> 3. Looking at the cookies.sqlite file, I see some text right at the top
> "SQLite format 3".  Does that mean that I need to use sqlite3?

No, not really.
But if I may make a suggestion, before you start spinning your brain off 
with SQL syntax, analyze the database setup of firefox3 a bit and take a 
look at SQLalchemy. I use it a lot and I bet you will like it - you just 
have to care about your objects (in your case cookie checking) not about 
the SQL at all.
I like it :-)


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