Framework recommendations for web service?

Ivan Ven Osdel ivan at
Wed Jul 16 20:40:56 CEST 2008

>What we *do* need is a lightweight, simple framework that will allow
>us to create a RESTful interface and throw code together fast. We'll
>probably go with SQLObject (unless we can extract the ORM from django
>- lazy evaluation would be very useful), and we're just looking for
>something fast and light to sit between that and the thrift interfaces
>we'll create.
>So, can anyone suggest a lightweight python framework which just does
>the essentials?

Have you looked at CherryPy? It's very simple to get up and running and can be changed to go through Apache if you need it to be fast. 

I don't think RESTful interfaces are built in but I know people have succesfully built RESTful apps on top of CherryPy. Also plans for REST in CherryPy 3 look promising. Here is a post I ran across from one of the contributers.

"Hey there,

CherryPy 3 is currently under brainstorming before being first draft. There some feature we do want such as the ability to change the URL dispatching at will depending on what is required for a given application.

One dispatching rule I do want is the one based on HTTP verbs. So it might take a few months to get there but eventually it will be a built-in :)

- Sylvain"

Ivan Ven Osdel
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