Python 3.0 and removal of the 'string' module

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> > > Is there a better information source, then, for the current
> > > state of what's expected in Python 3.0?
> >
> > Look at the development docs. We try to keep them up to
> > date:


> The PEPs are also a good source; library changes are all listed in
> PEP 3008.

PEP 3008 doesn't seem to exist: It's not listed at the index
<URL:>, and the obvious URL
<URL:> returns a 404 response.

> PEP 361 not only gives the schedule but it also gives a lot of
> detail on 3.0 features backported to 2.6 and incompatible features
> that raise warnings in 3.0
> PEP 3000, PEP 3100 and PEP 3099 are also well worth reviewing.


So, in summary, despite the appearance of the "Python 3.0" page on the
wiki, there's really no single clearing-house source of Python 3.0
information that is maintained. The interested party needs to know a
half-dozen different resources to find out what's changing, and none
of the resources seems to attempt to be a single point of entry for
the interested party.

The wiki page had better be clear about that then. I'll edit it

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