Is there a such Python module ?

Cameron Laird claird at
Thu Jul 31 02:55:52 CEST 2008

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Matthew Fitzgibbons  <elessar at> wrote:
>Johny wrote:
>> Is there a Python module that can help with reading SMS message from a
>> mobile phone?
>> Or is there an example how to read SMS message using a program written
>> in Python,C, or any other language?
>> Thank you very much for help
>> L.
>> --
>There is a Python distro for Symbian, if your phone is running that. You 
>can do things like send/receive SMS messages, control the camera, etc. 
> Can't speak to anything 

Cellular handsets are consumer devices; their notion
of "standardization" is ENTIRELY different from the
way most of Pythonia behaves.

So, yes, there are all sorts of resources of Nokia
devices.  Gammu <URL: > is also
likely to interest you, depending on your hardware.
There are still other solutions specific to Motorola,
..., although Python's presence and compatibility 
declines steeply when you leave Nokia and/or Gammu.

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