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Kevin McMurtrie mcmurtri at
Sun Jul 13 09:22:52 CEST 2008

In article <GYCdnYl6wsOC4uTVnZ2dnUVZ_sydnZ2d at>,
 Lew <lew at> wrote:

> WDC wrote:
> > BTW I reported it, yo should too.
> To whom did you report it, so that we may also report it there?

Google does not accept spam complaints.  Go ahead, try it.  That's why 
they've been the #1 Usenet spamming tool for years now.  What you're 
seeing is the spam slowly expanding into the software development 
groups.  uk.railway is probably a random group added to confuse spam 
filters.  Some groups, like, have been getting 
hundreds of Google spams a day for about a year.

Ask your news service for a Google UDP (Usenet Death Penalty) or 
configure your reader to drop everything with "" in the 

I will not see your reply if you use Google.

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