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Thu Jul 31 17:40:03 CEST 2008

One great open source GUI package that you left out is GTK ie. pygtk.
i cant compare it with wx as i have never used it but isay its much
better than QT.

Anyway for ur q if u want to compair qt n wx. QT should be faster coz
it has a better documentation.
and welcome to the python family!

kind regards

On Jul 31, 12:10 pm, Tim Roberts <t... at> wrote:
> LessPaul <LessP... at> wrote:
> >...My
> >question is in regard to GUI platforms. My primary target would be
> >Windows, but I would also like be able to support Linux and Mac
> >versions if possible. I'm also interested in using a system that also
> >has support for pure C++ applications. As such, and after reading many
> >web pages regarding Python GUIs, I believe I have the candidates
> >narrowed down to pyQT and wxPython.
> >The first question -- how steep is the curve to become proficient with
> >the above GUI packages?
> There is so much personal preference here that it is extremely hard to give
> any guidance.  If you have done any Windows programming at all, so that you
> are familiar with the event-driven programming model, then I don't think
> you would see that much difference in learning curve.  The two packages are
> more alike than they are different -- the various APIs are just spelled
> differently.
> I happen to be a big wxPython fan.  I learn best by example, and wxPython
> has a 44,000-line demo suite with 167 source files that demonstrates
> virtually every class it includes.
> >Since there appears to be no commercial licencing fee for wxWidgets/
> >wxPython, the last question is what do I gain from going QT over wx?
> >I've seen great applications written with both (on my computer I have
> >the wxPython Digsby and the pyQT apps "Mnemosyne" and "Anki". All seem
> >to be solid.
> Yep.  Personal preference.
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