pythoncom InternetExplorer.Application don't work in vista || firefox pythoncom ?

gcmartijn at gcmartijn at
Mon Jul 7 19:27:43 CEST 2008

On 6 jul, 16:00, "Méta-MCI \(MVP\)" <enleverlesX.X... at>
> Hmmmm...  I have a similary problem, in another circumstances.
> It's often a problem of configuration of IE (for news customers).  But,
> it is not easy, because IE has many parameters.
> Good luck!
> Michel Claveau

IE have many options, you say that the code is working so I was hoping
that you could answer these questions:
- Is your tabbed browsing on ?
- Do you use the default 'securiy' settings ?
- Do you use by privacy option: Medium ?
- The advanced options are to much to ask here :(


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