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Mon Jul 28 09:26:02 CEST 2008

castironpi <castironpi at> writes:
>> I think you misunderstood him. What he wants is to write
>> class foo:
>>    def bar(arg):
>>        self.whatever = arg + 1
>> instead of
>> class foo:
>>    def bar(self, arg)
>>        self.whatever = arg + 1
>> so 'self' should *automatically* only be inserted in the function
>> declaration, and *manually* be typed for attributes.
> There's a further advantage:
> class A:
>   def get_auxclass( self, b, c ):
>     class B:
>       def auxmeth( self2, d, e ):
>         #here, ...
>     return B

In auxmeth, self would refer to the B instance. In get_auxclass, it
would refer to the A instance. If you wanted to access the A instance
in auxmeth, you'd have to use

class A:
   def get_auxclass(b, c ):
     a_inst = self
     class B:
       def auxmeth(d, e ):
         self # the B instance
         a_inst # the A instance
     return B

This seems pretty natural to me (innermost scope takes precedence),
and AFAIR this is also how it is done in Java.



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