python's YENC.DECODE -> weird output

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Thu Jul 17 01:51:37 CEST 2008

John Savage wrote:
> I save posts from a midi music newsgroup, some are encoded with
> yenc encoding. This gave me an opportunity to try out the decoders 
> in Python. The UU decoder works okay, but my YENC effort gives
> results unexpected:
>     import yenc, sys
>     fd1=open(sys.argv[1],'r') 
>     #yenc.encode(sys.argv[1],"outfile.yenc",bytes=0)
>     yenc.decode(sys.argv[1],"outfile.mid",bytes=0,crc_in='')
> I confirmed that yenc.decode exactly reverses yenc.encode, BUT the
> encoding itself seems to differ from the USENET standard.

I do not believe that there really is a yenc standard.  I have noticed 
that the yenc decoder in Mozilla Thunderbird never decodes posts from 
certain posters (and hence certain encoders) whereas uu decoding only 
sporadically fails.

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