compatible image type

Larry Bates larry.bates at`
Fri Jul 4 15:21:47 CEST 2008

gordon wrote:
> hi
> in my application a file selection by user returns a pathname string
> like F:/images/png/my.png  or F:/docs/text/somedoc.txt ....etc.
> I can get the extension using
> extn=string.split(os.path.basename(pathname),'.' )[1]
> then later on i want to create a Photoimage using
> ImageTk.PhotoImage(file=pathname) and display it on a canvas.
> the extn can be anything ..even zip or bat ,doc whatever depending on
> user selection...I want to put someway to raise an error message to
> the user if he selects a file with extension not of a compatible image
> type for PhotoImage.How should i do this? should i check 'extn' to a
> list of compatible image type extensions(something like
> [''jpg','jpeg','png','gif'...] )  or is there a better way?
> gordon

You do know that there is a method for getting extensions easily?

extn = os.path.splitext(pathname)[1]

Note: It does include the '.' separator (e.g. it returns .txt) but that's easy 
to handle.

If you just catch the exception (as Mark suggested), you don't even have to look 
at the extension.


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