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Fri Jul 25 06:04:33 CEST 2008

castironpi <castironpi at> wrote:
>Compiling a program is different than running it.  A JIT compiler is a
>kind of compiler and it makes a compilation step.  I am saying that
>Python is not a compiler and in order to implement JIT, it would have
>to change that fact.

And I'm saying you are wrong.  There is NOTHING inherent in Python that
dictates that it be either compiled or interpreted.  That is simply an
implementation decision.  The CPython implementation happens to interpret.
The IronPython implementation compiles the intermediate language to native
machine language.

>> of Python that uses .NET.  In that case, the code *IS* JIT compiled to
>> assembly when the program starts.
>But still not the user's code, only the interpreter, which is running
>in assembly already anyway in CPython.

In CPython, yes.  In IronPython, no; the user's code is compiled into
machine language.  Both of them are "Python".
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