Function References

Matthew Woodcraft mattheww at
Thu Jul 31 18:51:31 CEST 2008

>> Ctypes is a since python2.5 built-in module that allows to declare
>> interfaces to C-libraries in pure python. You declare datatypes and
>> function prototypes, load a DLL/SO and then happily work with it. No C, no
>> compiler, no refcounts, no nothing.
>> And you can pass python-functions as callbacks.

squishywaffle at wrote:

> The first sentence (and some really crummy licensing restrictions
> imposed by the library distributor) alone here excludes this as a
> valid option for this particular case, I definitely need Python 2.4
> support.

Perhaps all is not lost: ctypes works from Python 2.3 up. That first
sentence is saying that since Python 2.5 it has been included in the
standard Python distribution, but you can still download it separately.


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