Need help getting BeautifulSoup contents

Alexnb alexnbryan at
Thu Jul 17 07:35:51 CEST 2008

The trick to this one is that the html looks something like this:

"<td width="100%" colspan="2">
/browse/blue blue 
/browse/brick brick 
, brie, cheddar, cheshire,
/browse/churn churn 
/browse/cottage cottage 
/browse/cream cream 
, dunlop, 

and it goes on

My question is I want everything inside, the contents of each   ad the
regular text of the <td>.
I know I can do like a.contents, but it only gives me the first one, in this
case being "blue". I want the contents of each of those and the regular
contents of the <td>.

Can anyone help?

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