Attack a sacred Python Cow

Jordan jordanrastrick at
Thu Jul 24 12:21:20 CEST 2008

> This is just plain wrong for at least C# and C++.  C# wants you to
> explicitly overload "!=", if you have overloaded "==",

While this is as inconvenient as Python at least it doesn't catch you
unawares. C# 1 (or maybe 0.5), Python 0.

> C++ complains
> about "!=" not being defined for class A.  

See above. C++ 1, Python 0.

So in showing my clearly hyperbolic comment was technically incorrect
(something I could have told you myself), you have merely shown that
two languages I find vastly inferior to Python overall are actually
better than it in this case.

> Fortunately, Python isn't designed according to your ideas, and won't
> change, so consider your posting a waste of time.  If feeling like bringing
> such old "issues" up again next time, spend your time learning another
> programming language, as you would obviously not get happy with Python
> anyway ...

OK, if that's your response, that's sad. Of course, I try to learn new
languages all the time. Python is still IMO the best. If the attitude
in the community in response to feedback/criticism has gone from
"maybe you've got a point" to "your a lunatic, we'll never change",
well, only Python will suffer in the long term.

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