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Naruto 407, One Piece 506, Bleach 329 Hot manga Download

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A New Wonderful Manga: Maken-ki!

Hi, my friends!!! Have you read the manga named Maken-ki? This manga
series is as nice as To-Love-ru!!! The illustrator is Hiromitsu
and his girls are incredibly gorgeous.

The story is described as an "ecchi love comedy with battle action."
Oyama Takeshi happily enrolls in a co-ed school that didn't required
any entrance exams and has hostels to book... Only to find out that
there's more to the school than he thought!

It is very good that Takeda-san likes to draw his girls with very big
eyes. Have only read a bit so far but many of the girls have an item
called "Maken" - each are different and have varying powers when used
in battle. And as with all good school girl battles, their clothes
easily explode. And there are characters for folks who like loli's

Maken Ki has been an entertaining read so far and look forward to
more!!! I am sure that you must be love it at the first glance!!!

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