Copyright issues for an application developed using django, python and mySQL

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Fri Jul 4 03:27:28 CEST 2008

Nagu <thogiti at> writes:

> I made a small recommendation engine for our company using python,
> django, and mySQL. My supervisor and the senior management are
> worried about the copyright and licensing issues.

It's good that they're raising these concerns and making sure.

> They want to find out the details on how to go about start using it,
> like quoting python/django/ mySQL specifically on the bottom of the
> web page or some other thing.

You should read the licenses for these products (they're not long),
and retain a lawyer to give an educated opinion addressing the
specific concerns your managers have.

> How do I go about addressing the copyright and licensing issues? (I
> do not know if licensing is the right word here).

Start with finding out exactly what those concerns are, gather the
license terms of the works you're using, and consult a copyright

In parallel, you can read the license texts yourself and understand
them to satisfy yourself about what the terms allow and require.
However, that understanding is good only for making decisions that
affect yourself; for making decisions that affect the company, your
managers should get expert legal opinion.

> Please advice.

Hope that helps.

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