Creating an .exe with Tkinter involved

Fouff fouff at
Thu Jul 3 11:34:16 CEST 2008

Alex Bryan a écrit :
> I know this is possible so someone out there should be able to help me! 
> Okay, I have a program that uses Tkinter, and BeautifulSoup. I don't 
> think it should be a problem. I want to create an exe of it. I have 
> py2exe but I don't really know how to work it. I read their tutorial 
> thing and did a setup that looked something like this:
> from distutils.core import setup
> import py2exe
> setup(console[''])
> (isn't really called myFunProgram)
> This seems terribly wrong however because... it isn't a console app. So 
> I am wondering if anyone can show me how or point me in the right 
> direction to a place where I can learn how to do this. I would 
> appreciate it!


If your program isn't a concole one, maybe should you rename it .pyw and then
in your file, replace the line
 > setup(console[''])
by this one

I use it under MS windows (I don't know if it is your case too).

You will find more informations here
and more generally at


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