need ldap windows binary and/or installation help

Tim Golden mail at
Tue Jul 15 19:01:25 CEST 2008

Sells, Fred wrote:
> I'm running python 2.5 (or 2.4) in an XP environment.

> I downloaded and installed the .dll's from and copied the .dll's in c:/windows/system32 as instructed
> now I get this error.  Is there anyway to avoid building the python_ldap binaries?  Apart from being lazy, I've got a secure system policy issue if I start compiling apps.  I could give up and just start running in linux, but my xp environment is much friendlier to develop in.  I've googled a lot, but all the links I've found talk to Unix or to compiling from source.

Disclaimer. I know nothing about python-ldap. I simply
Googled for it and came to:

which led me to

from which I downloaded and ran the .msi

and Bob was at that point my uncle.

Was there some obstacle to your doing this? (It wasn't
clear whether some policy required you to compile from


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