The Importance of Terminology's Quality

Lew com.lewscanon at lew
Tue Jul 22 15:54:06 CEST 2008

Rob Warnock wrote:
> Martin Gregorie  <martin at see_sig_for_address.invalid> wrote:
> +---------------
> | John W Kennedy wrote:
> | > No, the "thunks" were necessary at the machine-language level to 
> | > /implement/ ALGOL 60, but they could not be expressed /in/ ALGOL.
> |
> | Are you sure about that? 
> +---------------
> I don't know if John is, but *I* am!  ;-}

At this point we are so far off topic for clj.programmer, but still impinging 
on functional programming issues with the discussion of closures, et al., that 
I respectfully request that you all exclude clj.programmer from followups to 
this thread.

(f-u set to comp.lang.functional)


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