Beginner Question : Iterators and zip

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Mon Jul 14 16:46:35 CEST 2008

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> > What is this *lis operation called? I am having trouble finding any
> > reference to it in the python docs or the book learning python.
> One might call this argument unpacking, but
> Language Manual / Expressions / Primaries / Calls
> simply calls it *expression syntax.
> "If the syntax *expression appears in the function call, expression must
> evaluate to a sequence. Elements from this sequence are treated as if
> they were additional positional arguments; if there are positional
> arguments x1,...,*xN* , and expression evaluates to a sequence
> y1,...,*yM*, this is equivalent to a call with M+N positional arguments
> x1,...,*xN*,*y1*,...,*yM*."
> See Compound Statements / Function definitions for the mirror syntax in
> definitions.
> tjr


It's starting to make sense :-)


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