Python Written in C?

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Tue Jul 22 02:42:44 CEST 2008

On Jul 20, 9:18 pm, Michiel Overtoom <mot... at> wrote:
> Many major text/word processing programs (Emacs, vi, MS-Word) are also
> written in C. Does that mean you should do all your text processing in C?

Well, actually, as a COBOL geezer I should not complain about Python.
Rumor had it that the COMPUTE statement in COBOL invoked FORTRAN
arithmetic modules. Yes, real programmers DO write in FORTRAN!

Frankly, I say screw not only object-oriented programming but
structured programming as well. I think someone should write a
compiler, "Revenge of BASIC." It would have good old REMs,
FOR...TO...NEXTs, GOSUBS, GOTOs, etc. Standard libraries of
subroutines, and/or Copy Libraries of source code, could handle
switching to new screens or forms, placement of objects, alteration of
characteristics of all these, detection of mouse and keyboard actions,
graphics, sound, placement of HTML code, EVERYTHING!

If anyone wants to write this compiler, they should probably do it in
Python. Make it open source, of course. I'm waiting!

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