Attack a sacred Python Cow

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Jul 24 09:48:03 CEST 2008

Jordan wrote:

> Except when it comes to Classes. I added some classes to code that had
> previously just been functions, and you know what I did - or rather,
> forgot to do? Put in the 'self'. In front of some of the variable
> accesses, but more noticably, at the start of *every single method
> argument list.* This cannot be any longer blamed as a hangover from
> Java - I've written a ton more code, more recently in Python than in
> Java or any other OO language. What's more, every time I go back to
> Python after a break of more than about a week or so, I start making
> this 'mistake' again. The perennial justification for this 'feature'
> of the language? That old Python favourite, "Explicit is better than
> implicit."

Do you seriously think that Python is designed by mindless application
of a set of humorous and somewhat self-deprecating observations posted
to a newsgroup a number of years ago?


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