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Tue Jul 1 14:51:29 EDT 2008

On Jul 1, 9:35 am, varun chadha <varun.con... at> wrote:
> i am a newbie to python and is working on an application which needs
> to connect to the database. can anyone guide me through the DBMS that
> i can use and the module to connect to it. currently i have MySQL
> installed using the link on the site but is unable to
> connect to it through python. pls specify the link  to the tutorials
> which can guide to connect and execute my query. hopes u understood
> what i meant to say.
> thanks in advance

mysql-python is probably your best bet for MySQL databases

As far as tutorials are concerned, the presentation linked in this
page is very good, given by the creator of the interface Andy Dustman:
(scroll down to page 7 for the stuff on MySQL).

- Teebes

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