Newb question: underscore

bvdp bob at
Fri Jun 6 04:19:33 CEST 2008

> My guess would be someone has used the common convention of naming the
> "get the corresponding localised version of this string from the
> application's gettext database" function as '_' for convenience.

Funny that this comes up.

I just noticed this in some code I was looking at the other day.  A 
number of statements in the form:

    print _(something)

My question is: Why would anyone decide to obfuscate something as easy 
to read as Python??? At first I thought that they were making a function 
out of print (which makes some sense), but I don't think that is the 
case. I tried (not very hard) to trace back the code to figure out where 
_() is being assigned, but gave up. Oh, this is in the gdesklets package 
if anyone is interested.

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