Image Processing (batch)

Tim Roberts timr at
Thu Jun 5 09:10:56 CEST 2008

Thomas Guettler <hv at> wrote:
>I tried PIL for image batch processing. But somehow I don't like it
>  - Font-Selection: You need to give the name of the font file.
>  - Drawing on an image needs a different object that pasting and saving.
>  - The handbook is from Dec. 2006.

I have repeatedly seen the attitude in your last point, and I simply do not
understand it.  What on Earth is wrong with having a product that actually
becomes stable?

We all complain about Microsoft's feature bloat, rolling out unnecessary
new releases of their products year after year with features that no one
really needs.  But when an open source product FAILS to produce a new
release every six weeks, we start seeing posts questioning whether the
product is still viable or has become abandonware.

Once a product does the job it was designed to do, IT'S DONE.

Personally, I think PIL is a great solution for batch processing, but the
beauty of the open source world is that the ARE alternatives.
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